Putting Christ back into Christmas

12 December 2021


Although Christmas of 1957 has some of the best presents ever, I had my first notion that Christmas was not only about receiving gifts and presents.

  1. What was your first experience like as you realized there was more to Christmas than getting stuff?
  2. My son tells of his first Christmas from home while on his mission in Venezuela to the Air Force Colonel.
  3. Why do they celebrate the Christmas season in communist China?
  4. How did your parents celebrate Christmas that involved Jesus Christ?
  5. What family traditions are you doing or keeping that keep our Savior prominent?
  6. For 22 years, we acted out the Nativity story with my friend’s family, who had children of corresponding ages. These adults still have fond memories of this tradition.
  7. How do you combat the commercialism and materialism of this season?