What You Can Become

24 October 2021

This lesson was taken from the Saturday Afternoon address by Elder Ciro Schmell of the Seventy.

Elder Schmell relates the story of when he was invited to lunch in the Church cafeteria by President Nelson. Elder Schmell asked for some counsel in his new calling. President Nelson replied, “Elder Schmell, you are called for what you can be.”

  1. What does that say about our qualifications to be called to a position in the Church?
  2. One day, when my father was visiting us, I got into an altercation with my 17-year-old son in his sloppy bedroom. It ended in yelling and my son going down to his room and slamming things around. I turned to my dad and asked for his counsel. He replied, “what makes you think I knew what I was doing as your dad?”
  3. How do we become good fathers?
  4. The other day, in a semi-romantic moment, my wife told me that she loved me more than I annoyed her. How do we learn to be good husbands?
  5. Elder Schmell says we must ask for the necessary inspiration and the revelation we need in our positions of responsibility.
  6. He goes on to say that once we receive answers, we must act upon them put the inspiration into action.
  7. As we receive inspiration, the Lord will often refer us to a scripture or speak to us in scriptural language. Therefore, the more we study the scriptures, the more prepared we are to recognize the Lord’s inspiration.
  8. What kind of husband, father, grandfather, priesthood holder do you want to become? I had a good friend who was called to be a Bishop. He said he composed an example of a good Bishop based on all the bishops he had growing up. That was his goal to become a Bishop who possessed all the fine qualities of his former Bishops.
  9. We are always becoming, evolving, developing. If we ask and act in the direction we want to grow, the Lord will direct our efforts.