One Percent Better

10 October 2021

This lesson was taken from the Sunday Afternoon address by Michael A. Dunn of the Seventy.

As we seek to be better husbands, fathers and as we seek to improve in bearing up our responsibilities in the Priesthood and the Church, we no doubt feel a bit overwhelmed. As others confront us regarding our lack of character qualities, i.e., Lack of patience, insensitivity, self-absorbed, lack of empathy, etc., It can all seem a bit much.

  1. Elder Dunn talks about the improvement of the British Cycling team by using the concept of “the aggregation of marginal gains.” What is your definition of this term?
  2. Marginal gains mean what? Small improvement, just barely improvements on select areas?
  3. An aggregation is a collection or combination (of small improvements).
  4. And since everything is connected to everything else, the accumulation tends to have a multiplier effect on the rest of our character.
  5. How is this different from trying to be perfect?
  6. Elder Dunn quotes James Clear, “habits are the compound interest in self-improvement.” Can any of you give a personal example of this?
  7. Elder Dunn goes on to mention that our daily efforts need to be consistent, if not persistent. Have any of you developed routines regarding self-improvements?
  8. Our Prophet has told us that we must seek daily repentance. Using this concept of one percent better, how would we do this?
  9. Example of my bad handwriting in hospital charts. (Slower, bolder)
  10. In our quest to improve ourselves by making small choices and decisions often leads to huge changes in our lives. Can any of you give us an example of trying to improve yourself by making a small choice that changed the course of your life?