Preparing for General Conference

26 September 2021

  1. This is a good time to replace all batteries in all devices
  2. A good time to inventory your food storage
  3. A good time to review your 72 emergency kits
  4. How does your family take notes?
  5. I am the only early riser in the family, everybody else falls asleep at 6 am
  6. A little something in the tummy keeps you alert.
  1. Do we need to mentally and spiritually prepare to repent?
  2. Listening for the Holy Spirit to point out what was just spoken has something to do with you.
  3. Get a copy of the talks later and review
  4. Besides repenting, are there Spiritual Gifts you need to attain the Spiritual Virtues that you obviously need?
  5. Does anything said in Conference have to do with your Patriarchal Blessing?
  6. Might also plan to utilize some talks as part of Family Home Evening or in addition to “Come, Follow Me.”