Worthiness is not Flawlessness

October 2021 Saturday Evening General Conference Session

Bradley R. Wilcox
  1. Like the rest of us, the Church culture and traditions have changed over the years. Do you remember the old concept of attaining perfection back in the day?
  2. What about the old saying when I joined the church in 1963, “better to obey and prepare than to repent and repair?” Why is that not used so much today?
  3. In the past, we put much importance on appearing successful and/or doing well because we were active and righteous. What happened to that?
  4. Exodus 3:5 Where do we stand on holy ground?
  5. I once asked a dear sister this same question on the Temple interview, and she said, “this is the hardest question to answer.” Why?
  6. What is your understanding of Mercy? How do we earn or merit Mercy?
  7. What is your understanding of Grace? How do we earn or merit Grace?
  8. II Nephi 25:23, what does this scripture mean?